Doctrine Z is a First Person Stealth Action Game.

Gameplay Edit

Doctrine Z features Dreadnought Studio's assignment system, similar to quests in some games but different to many other first person shooters. Missions are not straight, linear levels, but feature varied gameplay with many options available to the player. The storyline is also heavily based off player choice, with the player's actions determining what happens in the story in a much more radical way than other games.

Doctrine Z is based around extremely realistic gameplay, with no heads up display and high damage from bullets and other sources. Doctrine Z is also notable for it's lack of a difficulty setting.

Assignments are grouped together into Cases, with cases ranging from several assignments to dozens of them.

Plot Edit

The year is 1987 in an Atompunk world where Atomic Power is the solution to many of the world's ills. The Eastern and Western Bloc is still alive and rivalry is still alive and well between the two sides. In the middle of this conflict is the Confederation of Lavrunaria, a world power in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. The Confederation is famous for refusing to take sides in the Cold War. The country's intelligence service is ASUG, and Doctrine Z follows the story of a lower-level agent named Siegfried Volkov.

Volkov is on assignment in the north of the country investigating international crime rings in the area. What he discovers while on assignment there catapults him to the forefront of the investigation of international crime rings and terrorist groups around the globe.

The game starts off with Volkov investigating the theft of aircraft in the city of